Connect with Zoho Inventory

Connect with Zoho Inventory

Now we get to the fun part; connecting your woo store to your Zoho Inventory account. Please watch the video or read this completely before you start connecting.

Getting Client ID and Client Secret

  1. Obtaining the Client-ID and Client-Secret: visit this URL (change the .com suffix to match your region).
  2. Add Client, choose “Server-based Applications”
  3. Fill in the name, homepage url and copy the Authorization Redirect URI from the plugin connect tab and paste it as Authorized Redirect URIs so it looks like below image.

Zoho Organization ID

Click on your Profile image, then you will see your Org.ID. Copy and paste this also in the txt file.

Inventory URL

Choose here the base URL to your Zoho Inventory account. You can find it in the URL bar of your browser.

Finally, click on the “Authorize” button to connect.

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