1. Ensure a stable sync with real-cron

Our plugin uses the Exact PHP SDK which is not yet fully optimized for WordPress application. Because of this, the SDK has difficulties in maintaining a stable connection. To prevent a sudden broken connection, we have created a super-light Cron script which needs to be run once every 2 minutes. You can set this up in your hosting cPanel > Cronjobs:

The below Cron Path is an example. Run this cronjob once every 2 minutes.

usr/bin/php /home/customer/www/ >/dev/null 2>&1

The bold part is static, the rest of the path is dynamic (WP Directory) and can be found easily.

How to find the WordPress Directory:

in WP-Admin go to > Tools > Site Health > Info tab and open Directories and Sizes

Simply copy it and add it after this part; /usr/bin/php

2. Easily connect the plugin to your ExactOnline account via WooCommerce > Settings > Exact Online Api.

  1. To get the ‘Client ID’ and ‘Client Secret’, you will need to authorize your website as an app in the ExactOnline developers console.
  1. The Redirect URL is simply your website domain (
  2. The Division ID can be found by visiting this link as logged-in Exact user. There you will see it mentioned as the “CurrentDivision”.