Mapping Custom fields

Mapping Custom fields

Requires: Connect version or higher

IMPORTANT: please ensure your Zoho CRM field is a text type, numbers or date and not a dropdown, lookup etc.

Starting with the Connect version, you can map custom fields of WooCommerce to Zoho CRM custom fields.

How it works

Custom fields: the Zoho CRM Custom Fields and the Woo Custom fields in the dropdowns

As you can see the Zoho CRM Custom fields are shown immediately. The Woo custom fields must be fetched first by you.

  1. Click on the button “Get Metadata” to get the WooCommerce custom fields by entering the ID of the customer, product or order. This refers to the User ID, Product ID or Order ID of course. Tip: make sure that user, product or order has all the custom fields you want to have available in the dropdown list.
  2. Select below each Zoho Custom Field, the Woo custom field from the dropdown and when finished click on the Save button.
  3. Repeat these steps for the other modules. That is all!