Order Sync

Order Sync

Via the Order Sync tab, you can manage all orders related settings.

Create Package

This ensures the creation of a Shipping Package in Zoho Inventory right after the Sales Order is synced. This is useful if you have custom workflows to speed up the delivery to customers.

Enable auto sales order numbers

You can also enable this to use the Zoho auto-generated sales order numbers instead of the woocommerce order numbers. When this is enabled, the woocommerce order numbers will be sent as the order reference like this: “WC-xxxx”.
That way you still know which WC order it is.

Send Orders as Draft

We normally create the orders as “Confirmed” in Zoho Inventory, to ensure the stock gets updated properly. By enabling this option, we will send all the orders as “Draft” to allow you to double check the orders.
Rest assured, we never sync orders that have the status “Failed”.

Select Warehouse (optional)

Are you sending webshop orders from a specific warehouse? With this feature, you can select the warehouse and all orders from the webshop will be assigned to that warehouse.

Enable Multicurrency Support

Are you selling items in different currencies? Then you must enable this feature to ensure the order gets synced. As side note, its important to know that customer registration will be forced before the checkout form.

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